tapDancer (free download) is an Android application that helps parents and children load classic video games on to the vintage computer systems that might be lurking in their closets, fostering an exploration of early personal computer history.

Bitzah (free download) is a photography filter that converts Android-device images into 8-bit styled pixel art, encouraging young people to seek out knowledge of the demonstrated classic computers and video-game consoles.

Katteri (available soon) is an Android-based game construction kit, allowing young people to easily create top-down 2-dimensional mobile games through learning basic software development concepts using XML-based code. Our premiere demonstration-app generated by Katteri is entitled Junk Yard Tom (free download for Mac, Windows and Android.)

Turtle Force is a multi-platform experience dedicated toward young people to teach them the basics of digital electronics and computer programming through animation, engagement, history and entertainment. Turtle Force intends to be the Sesame Street of Silicon, preparing children for a productive, innovative life in the 21st century. Turtle Force uses Babble, an in-house developed multi-language simulator that interprets several classic computing languages, including Apple LOGO and Applesoft BASIC.

Gold and Games (archive) contrasted the Forest Creek gold rush of the 1850′s with the consumer electronics revolution of the 1980′s through a website and a physical exhibition, held in Castlemaine, Victoria Australia during the autumn of 2013 during the Castlemaine State and Fringe Festivals.